As a returning customer, and due to the transition to our new web experience there are a few important items that you need to be aware of.

  • We could not port over existing accounts. If you'd like to maintain an account with us you will need to follow the new account process to recreate it on our new platform.
  • Due to the above, order history was also not ported over. If you'd like a statement of your account to date then please reach out to our email support where we'll gladly assist.
  • If you have an unfulfilled order, particularly in the case of group-buy participants, please know that your order is safely lodged with our third party fulfillment center, and additionally within our own records. If you'd like your unfulfilled order to reflect on your new account then please reach out to email support where we'll gladly assist.

You can read our full post regarding the evolution of Control Shift Escape here.