Hype Keyboards

FR4 GMMK Pro Plate - Hype Keyboards

R 580.00

Product Specifications:

What's Included:

  • 1x Hype Keyboards FR4 GMMK Pro Plate


  • Minor upgrades - Added a shiny gold plating above where the side RGBs hit, this theoretically increases the brightness of the side glow by reflecting more light into the diffuser panel. 
  • Gaskets updated to a T shape leaf for more flex and improve plate isolation.
  • Flex cuts added - inspired by the flex cuts of the 7v, this adds a great amount of flex on the board. Flex is greatly emphasized with the case foam off. Try different configs! - I personally like No plate/case foam and tempest modded. 
  • No plate screw holes - the PCB will be held solely by the friction of the switches. - (You may experience switches coming off when taking keycaps off, this is is PCB issue where the switch pin holes are larger than stock, so they do not have a firm hold of the switches. This also happens with my stock alu plate and PC plate. This is evident with used switches where the switch pins are worn out. Few things you can do is to use a PE foam mod, and filming the switches.)
  • Only supports PCB mounted stabilizers - No plate mount option
  • Stabilizer hole cutouts will support ALL kinds of PCB mounted stabilizers. No need to file your plate or stabs!
  • Diffuser screws are optional, so screw holes for the the diffuser screws are available. However, they must be pre-threaded beforehand. This can be done by screwing in the stock screws from your Aluminum plate (not the PC self tapping screw) at a 90 degree until the screw is flush on the other side of the plate. On final assembly, do not overtighten the screws. - Installation video
  • Tempest Tape Mod is recommended if you want the thock while retaining the flex of the plate! See video tutorial here.

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