Gateron Ink V2 Switches

R 300.00

Gateron V2 Ink switches take our favorite Gateron switches to the next level. Featuring a new housing which keeps the contact leaves more secure while boasting a beautiful smokey transparent color.

Product Specifications:

  • Ink V2 Design
  • Linear
  • 5-Pin PCB Mount
  • Supports SMD and through-hole LED's
  • Smokey housing for better light pass-through
  • Travel Distance: 2mm Actuation | 3.4mm Bottom

Switch Data:



    Actuation Force

    Bottom Out

    Black Ink v2 Linear 60g | 2mm 70g | 4mm
    Yellow Ink v2 Linear 60g | 1.5mm 67g | 3.5mm

      Whats Included:

      • Your choice of 20 or 70 Gateron Ink V2 switches in your selected variant

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