Akko Product Update

Status: Arrived

Ready to Ship



April 2022 - Products are in transit to South Africa.

8 June 2022 - Products have arrived in South Africa. Upon customs clearance the stock will be transported to our fulfillment center.

15 June 2022 - Customs clearance complete, however unexpected shipment delay due to a SAPS inspection of our freight.

17 June 2022 - Our freight has been released by SAPS and is now on its way to our warehouse. Estimated arrival updated to middle of next week.



New Akko stock incoming.


  • Akko CS Lavender Purple - Tactile switches
  • Akko x TTC Demon - Linear switches
  • Akko x TTC Princess - Linear switches
  • Akko Jelly Black - Linear switches
  • Akko Jelly Pink - Linear switches
  • Akko Jelly Blue - Tactile switches
  • Akko Jelly White - Linear switches
  • Akko Jelly Purple - Tactile switches


  • Carbon Retro - Cherry keycap set
  • Dracula Castle - ASA keycap set
  • Blue on White - ASA keycap set
  • Black & Cyan - ASA keycap set


  • MOD007 V2 barebones kit - Space Gray (no switches or keycaps included)
  • MOD005 barebones kit - Gray (no switches or keycaps included)
  • ACR PRO Alice Plus keyboard Bundle (Akko Crystal Switches + BOW Keycaps included)