Our group-buy policy, as taken from Section 3.5 of our Terms and Conditions.

3.5 - Group-Buy Products

3.5.1 – Group-buy products are crowd-funded products where orders are only fulfilled once a minimum order quantity (MOQ) has been met. Products of this nature are indicated throughout the store with a [GB] prefix and within their respective product pages.

3.5.2 – Group-buy products can only be purchased during a limited period as stated on the products page.

3.5.3 – Group-buy products are not in-stock and do not ship immediately.

3.5.4 - Estimated shipping dates are stated on the products page, and are subject to change at any time.

3.5.5 – Group-buy orders can be canceled by us at any time, and for any reason - In the event, a group-buy order is canceled, it will be refunded as per our refund policy.

3.5.6 - Any in-stock products added with a group-buy product will ship together.

3.5.7 – By purchasing a group-buy product you understand that your order and any additional products purchased within the same order will ship together on the estimated shipping date.

3.5.8 – In the event, your group-buy product has been canceled and your order contains other in-stock products, we will refund the group-buy product/s and ship the remainder of your order.

3.5.9 – You may cancel your group-buy order at any time before shipping for a full refund – in doing so you forfeit any reservations associated with your group-buy order.