Krytox Lubricants

R 360.00

The worlds most renowned Mechanical Keyboard lubricant

GPL 205g0

  • Krytox
  • Frosted Glass Jar - 5ml
  • Viscosity: High
  • General usage: bottom housing, spring, stem
  • Intended effect: buttery smooth press, deeper acoustic, reducing tactility
  • Recommended for: linears, tactiles (high-tactility), silent switches
  • Highly effective for lubing stabilizers

GPL 105g0

  • Krytox
  • Bottle - 5ml
  • Viscosity: Low
  • General usage: spring (common) / bottom housing & stem (uncommon)
  • Intended effect: reduce spring ping and very slight reduction on friction
  • Recommended for: springs, linears

What's Included:

  • 1x 5ml bottle/jar of lubricant in your selected choice

The Fine Print:

  • All lubricants on this page are genuine Miller-Stephenson products sourced from official distributors. For more information please visit their website

Krytox GPL 205 Safety Data-sheet is available by clicking here.

Krytox GPL 105 Safety Data-sheet is available by clicking here.

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