Akko Stock Update

Status: Arrived



6th January 2022 - Akko restock has arrived.



We're happy to announce an incoming shipment of Akko stock.

Akko have been on fire lately with new keycap designs as well as some brand new DIY keyboard Kits.

So what's on the way?

8 new Keycap designs + restocks:

  • Black and Pink - Dancer Version 
  • Black on White (BOW)
  • White on Black (WOB)
  • Chocolate
  • Matcha Red Bean
  • Neon
  • Psittacus
  • Red and Blue Samurai
  • Macaw (restock)
  • Black and Pink (restock)
  • Wave (restock)
  • Midnight (restock)

The following Akko Keyboards:

  • MOD004 98-Key Aluminum Keyboard Kit in Jade Green
  • 3098 Los Angeles Keyboard (restock)

The MOD004 is classic 1800-Layout board with 98-keys, featuring hot-swap sockets and a tray mount design. This keyboard is perfect for those who seek the customization of custom keyboards while still retaining the numpad, arrow and function keys.