[GB] Vortex Model M Progress Updates

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Progress Updates
Date Update
27 December 2022 Vortex have extended the duration of this group-buy through until 4 January 2023.
4 January 2023 Group-Buy has ended - order submitted to supplier
4 January 2023 Products are being manufactured
10 March 2023 Vortex have announced a delay. ETA to be updated once more information is available
3 May 2023 Due to the manufacturing delay we have unfortunately reached our deadline to confidently ship the Model M to customers within our estimated time frame. A new estimate will be published as soon as possible. You can view our announcement here.
24 May 2023 Vortex have advised of an update - anticipated timeframe for collection from their warehouse is at the end of June 2023. Delivery estimate in South Africa within August 2023. You can view our announcement here.
6 June 2023 Vortex have advised that they are targeting the end of July 2023 to begin shipping orders to vendors. Transit time to South Africa takes approx 6 weeks after which we can deliver on to you. Based on these dates we can estimate delivery between the middle and end of September 2023. You can view our announcement here.
27 July 2023 Vortex have informed us of further delays for the Model M SSK Group-Buy. The new expected date for arrival in South Africa is now October 2023. You can view our announcement here.
6 November 2023 Vortex has confirmed that our stock of the Model M SSK group-buy is being prepared to ship from Taiwan and will be airfreighted to South Africa. You can view our announcement here.
16 November 2023 Our stock has now shipped from Taiwan and is en route to South Africa. We estimate to get the keyboards in the hand of pre-order customers by the end of the month or early December.
27 November 2023 Our stock has now arrived we are currently fulfilling group-buy orders. Extra's will become available at a later stage once all pre-orders have been fulfilled
7 April 2024 Extra's are now available and ready to ship
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