KBDfans Tiger Lite Updates

Status: Arrived

Ready to Ship



July 2022 - Order placed with our supplier. Shipment is on hold until all products are ready to ship.

8 September 2022 - Our supplier has advised that our order should be ready to ship around the 16th of September. Once ready, our forwarder will be advised to collect and our freight will begin its journey to South Africa.

16 September 2022 - Shipment delayed due to Tiger Lite stock.

29 September 2022 - Shipment collected from our supplier. Pending shipment after the Chinese holidays.

10 October 2022 - Shipment is now en route to South Africa with an estimated arrival date of mid November 2022.

14 November 2022 - Shipment has arrived in the port of Durban and we're now waiting for our container to get disembarked from the cargo vessel and cleared by customs. Once we have an ETA for arrival at our warehouse, an email will be sent to all customers.

22 November 2022 - Stock has arrived at our warehouse and we're now preparing to ship pre-orders.

25 November 2022 - All pre-orders have been shipped.



Tiger Lite Colorways:

  • Solid White
  • Solid Black
  • Ink Black (Translucent)
  • Translucent White (Clear)
  • Translucent Purple