Switch Testers

Status: Arrived

Ready to ship



4 September 2022 - Production is in progress. 

28 September 2022 - Stock has now shipped to our warehouse and will be available soon.

9 October 2022 - Stock is now available.



We're using up all the extra switches we have lying around to create as many switch testers as we can.

All testers will include most of our regularly stocked switches while some also include once off / never restocked switches. CSE has sold a total of 33 unique switches over the years and we've been able to create a very limited number of testers including all 33 of them.

All testers include an acrylic base capable of holding 35 switches, and 35 transparent keycaps.

Switch quantities:

  • 33 switches
  • 32 switches
  • 28 switches
  • 24 switches
  • 21 switches