Gazzew U4Tx

R 500.00

The Gazzew U4Tx is a hybrid between the Boba U4T and the Boba U4 (Silent Switch). It feature silent rails on the up-stroke and delivers a satisfying "thocky" down-stroke from its "D" bump profile.

Control Shift Escape is an authorized vendor of Gazzew switches.

Product Specifications:

  • Tactile
  • Mount: 5-pin
  • Bottom-out: 65g
  • D Shaped Tactile Bump - All Bump and no post bump travel
  • Housing Material: Propriety Blend (not Boba Plastic)
  • Stem Material: POM
  • Bottom-Housing: Opaque White
  • Top-Housing: Opaque White
  • Korean Stainless Steel Spring
  • Light lube on the spring base and leaf
  • Designed by Gazzew
  • Manufactured by Outemu

    What's Included:

    • Sold in packs of 36 switches


    • MX Compatible
    • Compatible with Gateron, Outemu, and Kaihl hot-swap sockets
    • Through-Hole LED's are supported

    The Fine Print:

    • SMD LED lighting performance may be affected by this switch housing

    What is a D Bump Profile?

    A D-shaped tactile profile refers to the motion of feedback felt resembling the letter "D" when viewed on a graph. When you press the switch, the tactile feedback starts right away and continues until you reach the bottom of the keystroke. Upon release, the tactility begins immediately and ends at the top of the keystroke. For comparison, imagine the motion of your switch graphed as a lowercase "p." When pressed, the tactile bump initiates immediately but ends halfway through the keystroke, followed by a smooth linear motion to the bottom. The upstroke is the opposite, starting with a linear motion followed by a tactile bump until it reaches the top. With a D profile, its that sweet tactile bump all the way!

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