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[GB] Kiibu Otaku Deskmat

R 450.00
The Kiibu Otaku Group-Buy was a once off production and will not be restocked. Availability of extra units differ by colorway - only while stocks last.
Ready to Ship

The 3rd Deskmat release from the designer of "Kanagawa" and "Deliciosa". 

Kiibu Otaku 「キーブ・オタク」 , or "Keeb Nerd"

Renders will have closer colors to final product than 2d graphics and 1st round prototypes.


  • Group buy start date - 22 December 2021
  • Group buy end date - 22 January 2022

Product Specifications:

  • Designer - MisterMoy
  • 900mm x 400mm x 4mm
  • Premium Printing Process
  • Cloth Top
  • Rubber Bottom
  • Stitched Edges

What's Included:

  • 1x Kiibu Otaku Deskmat in your selected colorway

Not in South Africa?

A group-buy is a crowd funded product, usually hosted by keyboard vendors or fellow keyboard enthusiast with a passion for design and engineering.

They bring their project to life by pooling funds together through the means of a group-buy which is made available globally through vendors like us.

Group buys typically have a global MOQ (minimum order quantity) that must be reached within a defined period of time before production can begin.

Not all group-buys are successful. If the group-buy host doesn't reach the required MOQ on time it may be cancelled. If this happens your order will be refunded.

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We are very transparent with our delivery dates. The ETA posted on this product is a global estimate and may differ based on transit times to South Africa, as well as variables beyond our control that could cause delays.

It's worth the wait - once you receive your product you'll be in possession of a very limited item that is often never produced again.

Our group-buy policy, as taken from Section 3.5 of our Terms and Conditions.

3.5 - Group-Buy Products

3.5.1 – Group-buy products are crowd-funded products where orders are only fulfilled once a minimum order quantity (MOQ) has been met. Products of this nature are indicated throughout the store with a [GB] prefix and within their respective product pages.

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3.5.9 – You may cancel your group-buy order at any time before shipping for a full refund – in doing so you forfeit any reservations associated with your group-buy order.

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