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Switch Tester 2nd Edition - Upgrade Kit

R 350.00

Expand your switch tester with our second edition switch-tester upgrade kit. Due to its limited availability this kit is intended for customers who previously purchased any iteration of our first tester.

As an added bonus we've included 5 Gateron G Pro 3 switches which are not included in the second edition of our switch tester.

To purchase please contact us  - while stock lasts.

What's Included:

  • 1x Gateron Acrylic Base and lid (capable of holding 35 switches)
  • 20 switches

Upgrade Kit Switches:

  • Akko POM Silver
  • Durock Mamba
  • Durock Black Lotus
  • Tangerine 62g
  • Tangerine 68g
  • First Love
  • Snow Grape
  • Gazzew U4T 62g
  • Gazzew U4T 68g
  • Gazzew U4T White Clear-top
  • Gazzew U4T White Opaque
  • Gazzew U4 62g
  • Gazzew U4 68g
  • Gazzew U4Tx
  • Gazzew LT
  • Gateron G Pro 3 Silver
  • Gateron G Pro 3 Red
  • Gateron G Pro 3 Brown
  • Gateron G Pro 3 Yellow
  • Gateron G Pro 3 Black

The Fine Print

  • Keycaps not included
  • The Switch Tester pictured is for reference only
  • There is no guarantee that any switch sold in our testers will be in stock or stocked again

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