A Tactile Masterpiece is coming to S.A

We're excited to announce that Control Shift Escape has recently become an authorized vendor of Gazzew switches, and we couldn't be happier to offer South Africans the complete lineup including the highly renowned Boba U4T and the new Boba LT RGB switches.

Boba Euphoric Thock (U4T) - Arguably The Best Tactile Switch Ever Created

Gazzew has earned a highly respected reputation within the custom switch world due to his commitment to product design and the pursuit of pure perfection. It's to no surprise that the Boba U4T has captured the hearts of enthusiasts and critics alike, claiming the top spot on ThereminGoat's switch scoring list in the tactile category and tied for first place when compared against all 250 switches he's scored to date. The U4 range of switches stand out due to the perfect balance of its D bump tactile profile, smoothness, and thocky sound signature, a result of meticulous design and high-quality proprietary materials.

A Breakdown of our Gazzew Inventory:

1. Boba Black U4T - Available in 62g or 68g spring variants, these highly acclaimed switches feature a "D" bump tactility and a thocky sound profile. These switches are crafted using the famous Boba Plastic blend that has become synonymous with the Boba line of switches.

2. Gazzew U4T - These switches come in white and feature the same “D” bump profile and a 65g spring. Choose between an opaque white top-housing, color-matched to the base, or a clear top that enhances RGB lighting effects. These switches use a different proprietary plastic blend.

3. Boba Black U4 Silent - For those seeking a quieter experience, these switches with 62g or 68g springs are the perfect choice. They retain that signature tactility of the U4T thanks to the same "D" bump profile and are crafted with Boba Plastic.

4. Gazzew U4Tx - The hybrid between silence and thock. These white switches equipped with a 65g spring feature silent rails on the up-stroke and deliver a satisfying "thocky" down-stroke from it's "D" bump profile. Again, these switches use a different proprietary plastic blend.

5. Boba Purple LT RGB - Who said all this thock was only for the tactile gang? The LT RGB is Gazzew's new thocky linear switch with a long post stem and a 65g spring. These switches crafted with Boba plastic come in a stunning purple with a color-matched transparent top-housing.

All Gazzew switches come with a light lubrication to the leaf, and the base of each Korean-made stainless steel spring has been donut dipped in lubricant to reduce spring ping. The rails and rail-slots are dry, and housing tolerances are tight. Gazzew himself attests that further lubrication or filming of these switches is not necessary nor justified, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

What's this "D" Bump Profile all about?

A D-shaped tactile profile refers to the motion of feedback felt resembling the letter "D" when viewed on a graph. When you press the switch, the tactile feedback starts right away and continues until you reach the bottom of the keystroke. Upon release, the tactility begins immediately and ends at the top of the keystroke. For comparison, imagine the motion of your switch graphed as a lowercase "p." When pressed, the tactile bump initiates immediately but ends halfway through the keystroke, followed by a smooth linear motion to the bottom. The upstroke is the opposite, starting with a linear motion followed by a tactile bump until it reaches the top. With a D profile, its that sweet tactile bump all the way!

We take immense pride in introducing this range of switches to our collection. With the Boba U4T leading the pack as one of the greatest ever, we are confident that any switch from Gazzew’s lineup will elevate your typing experience like never before.

Product updates for our first shipment of Gazzew switches are being tracked here.