SAKB Joburg Meetup 2023

Clicks and Clacks in Rosebank.

Over the last weekend (22 July 2023), mechanical keyboard enthusiasts from Johannesburg, South Africa, gathered at Workshop 17 in Rosebank to partake in the first Keyboard Meetup sponsored by the SAKB (The South African Keyboard Community) Discord server in collaboration with Control Shift Escape and Cookie Atom. The event organized over Discord brought together a passionate group of individuals who share a love for mechanical keyboards.

The meetup was made possible by the dedication of the meetup hosts - Jerumy, a committed SAKB Discord member and his girlfriend, whom we deeply thank for their efforts.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a keyboard meetup is a gathering where keyboard enthusiasts come together to showcase their prized mechanical keyboards and explore the impressive array of gear others have brought along. These events offer a perfect opportunity for everyone to indulge in their favorite hobby, exchange tips and tricks, and bond over the immensely satisfying sound of clicks, clacks, and thocks.

Among the keyboards on display were the likes of an Alice, QK65, KBD67, Corne, Rama Work Kara, Reving 41, a 3D Printed Le Chiffre, Dygma Raise, and a PC122 with buckling springs. One keyboard that particularly caught everyone's attention was Wing's custom Leeku 1800 layout School Bus. Known by their Discord handle Wing, they showcased their award winning talent. Built in 2014, the Magic School Bus has received numerous victories in contests, most notably one held by

Additionally, the event featured the remarkable Pantofle V2, a locally made split keyboard case designed and manufactured by Worth Manufacturing in Durban. The Pantofle V2, equipped with a Sofle V2 PCB, is an exceptional work of art and highly recommended for those interested in split keyboards and want to support local.

In addition to keyboards, Cookie Atom, known for crafting custom cables, sent samples of the Hien and Zero mousepads. These Japanese-made mousepads, crafted by the company Artisan, are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and performance.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended the event. Beyond keyboards, these gatherings are about building a sense of community and a chance to forge new friendships, making them truly special occasions.

Lastly we want to emphasize that the sense of community fostered at a meetup doesn't end there. We encourage everyone to join us on the SAKB Discord server, where the passion for mechanical keyboards continues to thrive - It's a welcoming space focused on South Africa where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts and continue to grow your love for this exciting hobby. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Photo Credits - Jerumy and Plainoldcheese

Poster Credit - Jerumy's Girlfriend